Steve Frécinaux

Using Git with Bugzilla

There is a functionnality that rocks in git (among others), it’s the ability to automatically send patches by e-mails from command line. The kind of stuff that’s not extraordinary at all, but damn convenient. But unfortunately, the Gnome people tend to prefer Bugzilla, and usually dislike e-mailed patches all over their mailing-lists.

So what I did is to write a new script, which combine a git-format-patch and git-send-email-like functionnality in one, and is oriented towards Bugzilla use. Quite naturally, I named it git-send-bugzilla.

In short, what it does is attaching a set of patches to a bugzilla bug, directly from command line. All you have to do is to provide your username and password, the bug id, and you’re done.

It is available (along with a man page) here, or clonable through:

git clone git://

Note: you’ll need the WWW::Mechanize perl module to make it run. It’s available as the libwww-mechanize-perl package on Ubuntu, or you can just cpan WWW::Mechanize.


The only shortcoming that botters me currently is that it’s not able to attach several commits as one single patch. Also, I didn’t test it with non-Gnome Bugzillas and I think it’s quite unlikely it will work ok. But if you have other concerns or functionnalities, patches are welcome ;-)