Steve Frécinaux

Your N770 as a remote control for Rhythmbox

Let me break the sacred silence of this website to tell you a small lovely story.

Back in the old days, Mathieu Pillard had a stereo, with a remote control.

Now he has a computer, and has ripped his CDs, because everybody know that it’s way more handy to manage music files using Rhythmbox than to have to manually change discs. But as a consequency, he didn’t have a remote control anymore.

Fortunately, he bought a Nokia N770 lately, and there are MPD clients available for this small geek toy. In the concept, MPD is a music player daemon, that can be controlled using an independant GUI, locally or over the network. So he saw he could bring back his beloved remote control, while carrying on using his computer to manage his playlists.

So what did he do ? Simple, he wrote a MPD-like wrapper to Rhythmbox, in the form of a python proxy between the D-Bus API of rhytmbox, and the MPD API. So he can control his favourite music player using any MPD client, and especially the one that is available for his pocket PC. So it’s possible for him to change album while staying lying in the bed !

Note that the above linked pages on mat’s website are in french, but you can ask him for more information, I’m pretty sure you might find him somewhere near #rhythmbox