Steve Frécinaux

Two big news on the gedit front

First one, Jesse is working on a quite common request from users who don’t use gedit for programming but more to occasionnally read text files or such things: a SDI interface. This interface differs from the classical one by not having tabs and opening files in separate windows. MDI is still present, and you should be able to switch easily from one kind of interface to the other, and even to use both at the same time (like you do in nautilus with spatial and browser modes). Be warned it’s just some kind of a proof of concept, so it’s not certain it will end up in gedit yet, but you can test it right now if you feel like doing so, it’s located in the sdi_mdi branch from gedit in Gnome CVS.

Screenshot: gedit SDI windows

The latter one is a good new for plugin developpers: a new plugin generator script has landed a few days ago in CVS. It allows to generate a plugin skeleton for both C and python plugins, and to put boilerplate in it for several commonly used features like menus. Don’t hesitate to type ./ –help in a terminal ;-). Once the skeleton is created you just have to move it into gedit or gedit-plugins source tree and to modify the file accordingly, and rock on!

If you use it you’ll notice a few options are still unavailable. Feel free to send us patches, the templating system the generator uses is very simple (it’s just a basic preprocessor). In fact, I don’t plan working on it for some time, but I’d be happy if someone enabled those features, so please, don’t hesitate ;-)

Update: Jesse, who’s been rocking these days, just fixed a really annoying bug from his snippets plugin. Now you’ll be able to use them with all your python code without screwing it up :-) Surely the third great new about gedit this day.