Steve Frécinaux

Summer of Code ended, Mathusalem continued

Yesterday 17h CEST was the official deadline for the SoC projects. So after committing my last changes into the git repository, I decided to issue a release, the last one branded with Summer of Code.

So, Mathusalem 0.0.4 is out. It brings an improved Epiphany support, an extension for Nautilus and notification bubbles on task completion.

Well, to be honnest, I’m feeling lazy today, so I’m afraid I won’t make a long post today. Actually, taking Mirco as an example, I’ve got something way better to give you: a short screencast. Check it out!

Screenshot: task progress in nautilus Task progression in Nautilus (video 235 KB)

If you want to try it by yourself, here is the files you need:

Among other things, Mathusalem now depends on Gtk 2.10, because it now uses GtkStatusIcon, which allowed me to solve most of the bugs related to the notification area icon. It also depends on libnotify for obvious reasons.

Further plans include many cleanouts and features for developpers and users, but I can’t say much more about that right now. Stay tuned!