Steve Frécinaux

Mathusalem 0.0.2

Here is a new release of Mathusalem, whose main goal is to provide apps like Epiphany, Nautilus and maybe even Synaptic a common stack where to put their progress status, in an attempt to kill all those progress dialogs crowding one’s desktop.

Beside bugfixes and general code improvement, the great new features are, namely, a small GUI and a full featured test application written in python. Let’s discover them…

First signs of a real GUI

Mathusalem 0.0.2 now features a small GUI, that spawns when you click on its notification area icon (the orange diamond):

[Screenshot] Mathusalem's GUI

It doesn’t have the high level of nicety it’s intended to have, but it will come in time. What’s planned is to make it look more like a menu (something like what deskbar does), and allow the user to perform some actions on it (asking for the task to pause, abort, etc.). The notification area icon should also be hidden when there is no active task.

Play with Mathusalem

The first release was lacking something for people to actually use it: there was no application using it yet, and it was not even possible to register a test task from command line due to a limitation of dbus-send.

Well, it’s still not possible to use it directly from command line, but the first of the above points is now solved: the current version throws in a test application actually using the daemon, allowing you to create tasks and play with them.

[Screenshot] Mathusalem Test Application

I don’t think it’s worth detailing the interface, it looks simple, doesn’t it?

Beside, this test application is written in python, and uses a small python library (located in tests/ to interact with the server. So it would be easy for someone interested in it to actually use it in a real world app… be it written in python.

Warning: The D-Bus API is likely to change in a significant manner, so use it for testing purpose only!

Upcoming changes

Beside the GUI improvements detailed above, next release will focus on cleaning the D-Bus API, to fix the glitches I highlighted in my last post. My examples for that are IProgressMonitor from Eclipse and GtkProgressBar. The difficult part is that both of these are designed to be used locally, not in a client-server fashion.

Then it will be time to attack the issue of integrating it to Epiphany and Nautilus. Now I’ll really have to hurry up, since there is only 18 days left…

Testing Mathusalem

You can gather the tarball from my montefiore web space (md5 sum: 7f8bea793ab2f49f22086d830a6c88f8).

Unfortunately, the D-Bus patch Mathusalem needs didn’t come it in time for the last D-Bus Glib bindings release, so you’ll have to manually patch your D-Bus version with the patch.

Also, there is no need to make install, it runs fine from the compile directory.

Hope you’ll like it!