Steve Frécinaux

Mathusalem 0.0.1 is out!

It’s really hard to make a release. Especially a first one: you want everything to be perfect but you know all your features aren’t there. People want a preview, while you’d prefer to wait a little, to fix bugs and to make your code perfect. And feedback is really desirable, too.

This is why I finally decided to make the first release of Mathusalem, the upcoming long running task manager for Gnome. There is no UI yet, but the D-Bus side is fully functionnal (despite not being definitive yet). And, to be fair, this release is primarily intended for feedback with regards to API and concepts.

The tarball can be found here : (md5sum: fc07f3ffd0c3e7801766b6c8dcdc48e9).

For those of you interested in day to day improvements, the git repository lives here :

Note: This application requires a patched D-Bus to run properly. The patch, which allows the dbus-glib bindings to handle GObject inheritance and GInterfaces, can be found on’s bugzilla or in the above- cited git repository.

Next release will focus on providing a GUI, and eventually fixing some weirdnesses in the D-Bus API, but to do that I need some feedback ;-)