Steve Frécinaux

gedit plugins 2.15 is out

Looks like it’s time to stop procrastinating and write something about the gedit-plugins module here: today was its first public release (you can download it right now).

So let’s begin with the presentations. What’s gedit-plugins? Well, this module is intented to contain several useful and often requested plugins. It was not used anymore for years when Jesse and I proposed to take care of it, and hopefully fill it with lots of wonderful plugins.

It currently contains only a few plugins, like a terminal pane, a character map pane or a color picker (special for CSS masters), but we’d like to add some more to the list, like advanced emacs-like line editing or block commenting and uncommenting. We’d also like to enhance these existing plugins, since none of them are perfect yet.

Well, nothing really fascinating indeed. But we as gedit developpers would like to bring some attention to it, because the young boy really, really needs some love.

The idea is this one: if you feel like you have a great idea, or if you have already written a great plugin, and would like to have it in gedit-plugins, just come and propose it to us on #gedit or on the mailing list! If you just want to enhance your skills, join us, any additional finger from motivated people is good :-). See ya on IRC!