Steve Frécinaux

Christmas Evening Thoughts

Merry Christmas everyone !

A few thoughts that seemed to be shared among a fairly large portion of #gnome-hackers this evening:

  • It would be fine if there was an additional level of hierarchy on the desktop. SDI is fine when working on unrelated objects, but otherwise MDI looks better for things like opening a few related C files… So SDI with some concept of project (to group related windows in it) would really be awesome.
  • Midtalk looks promising.
  • Why switch to SVN when everyone agree distributed scm are the way to go? At least there is something good in adopting SVN over CVSgit svnimport works better than git cvsimport.
  • Dear Santa Claus, could you please bring us a brand new compilation framework that would allow us to get rid of autotools and related stuff like intltool? KDE guys have tested everything around and are sticking to cmake, maybe we should give it a try as well…