Steve Frécinaux

Le bon programmeur est paresseux et stupide

Pour tous ceux qui en douteraient encore, pourquoi le bon programmeur est-il paresseux et stupide ?

Morceaux choisis :

Lazy, because only lazy programmers will want to write the kind of tools that might replace them in the end. Lazy, because only a lazy programmer will avoid writing monotonous, repetitive code – thus avoiding redundancy, the enemy of software maintenance and flexible refactoring.

Dumb […] because for him to find the best solutions to problems, he must keep a fresh mindset and manage to think out of the box (or rather, know its actual shape). In a way, this leads to the mindset of a child; incredibly creative because he never heard “no” for an answer.

Vous ne me demanderez plus pourquoi je joue au con quand vous me faites tester vos sites web ou vos logiciels…

Source : [CQFD ?][b]